What is protein

Protein is often used among athletes and dieters. This substance is an alternative name for protein. It is also necessary for the formation of muscle mass and the normal functioning of the body. Such products contain 70-90% of pure protein, which is quite difficult to obtain from conventional products. There are sito per comprare steroidi several types of protein mixtures: fast and slow digestion. The former contribute to the development of muscle, the latter to weight loss.

Protein: Whey Isolate

Dairy products are one of the most accessible sources of protein for humans. They also underlie whey proteins. In particular, they are divided into the following types:

  • isolates – mixtures of 90% protein;
  • concentrates – substances in which a small amount of fat and cholesterol is added to pure protein;
  • hydrolysates are the fastest digestible type obtained by partial destruction of amino acids.

Whey protein, which can be bought at this link, is available to everyone. Good deals are available at the Real-Food store.

Complex protein

It includes amino acids from various sources. The complex composition contributes to the rapid satisfaction of the body’s need for protein, and, for a long time. This option is universal – it is suitable for weight loss and for gaining muscle mass. It all depends on the time of administration: in the first case, you need to drink protein day and evening, in the second – only at night. In addition, complex formulations are recommended for those who use them only occasionally.

Casein Based Protein

Casein mixtures are the hardest to digest. As a rule, the whole process takes at least 6 hours. When it gets into the stomach, casein protein forms a specific protein mass, which takes a lot of time to break down. However, it is this mass that helps to effectively increase muscle mass. For this casein, many bodybuilders fell in love. In addition, he is very nutritious, so a person for a long time does not feel hunger. Casein itself is obtained by curdling pure milk, so it should be used with caution in people with lactose intolerance.

Soy protein

This species is not as widespread as analogues of animal origin, however, soy protein is practically no inferior even to casein. Soya mixture contributes to the rapid burning of fat, gives a feeling of fullness and helps to shape the desired body. In addition, if you are intolerant to animal protein, soy protein will be a great alternative. Yes, and at the price it is as affordable as whey.

Beef protein

This species is well absorbed and tolerated by almost everyone. The advantage of a beef analogue is the lack of lactose and the presence of creatine, which is a natural source of energy. In addition, they appreciate him for the fact that he facilitates muscle fatigue and has the least number of contraindications. This is carried out thanks to the method of ultraconcentration, as a result of which all fats are removed from the mixture.

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